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born twice signs and blunders
On the gangplank
Taking our cue from the holy fools of history, we're convinced faith is such a serious business that we can't help but find the world a funny place. Po-faced secularists and gung-ho fundamentalists - they are all likely to walk the gangplank in our Foolishness pages.
gadgets for god   Gadgets for God
Struggling to find that perfect birthday gift for a godly loved one? Looking for something theological to impress the new minister? From the Virgin Mary Fridge Magnet to the St Sebastian Pin Cushion, you are about to discover a treasure trove worth leaving buried.
caption competition   Caption Competition
Take a fully-robed minister. With a pointy hat. In the background, a random sheep wanders into view. Click. Someone, somewhere thinks of us. Suddenly it's this week's Caption Competition. And maybe your entry will be among the winners.
signs and blunders   Signs and Blunders
Here you will find sacred signboards and car bumper stickers – the kind you wish you had thought of but would never admit it. Plus those gaffes in church services that deserve a burst of the Hallelujah Chorus.
born twice   Born Twice
Mel Gibson and Saddam Hussein. John Wesley and Doctor Who. What a blessing it is when a famous (or infamous) religious leader shares a gene pool with someone entirely unsuitable! Thank you, Richard Branson... er.. I mean Jesus.
the southwark pilgrimage
The Southwark Pilgrimage
Pause for a moment to relive our pub-to-pub Southwark Pilgrimage.
st simeon the holy fool
St Simeon
Don't forget to pay your respects to our patron saint, St Simeon the Holy Fool.
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