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An experiment in online communion
The topic of online sacraments provokes a wide range of reactions among Christians – even here on Ship of Fools. Some people love the idea of sharing sacraments on the Net, while others think it is the height of idiocy... or even heresy. We're hoping to harness some of that energy by running a creative experiment in online communion. And we're hoping you can help us do it.

From a Minecraft Mass (featuring bread and milk thrown on the floor to feed the flock) and a Home Delivery Pizza Agape, through to Handy Wafer and Juice Packs received in the mail, we are going to leave no loaf unbroken and no chalice unspilt in our pursuit of the definitive, pixellated, sacramental moment.

Our online survey (and application to take part in the experiment) is now closed, and we'll be posting here soon to say when the experiement is taking place. If you'd like more info on where we're coming from, read Mark Howe's Digital bread and wine, anyone?

We're discussing this issue here: Online sacraments
online sacraments feature
We've been discussing online sacraments on the Ship of Fools bulletin boards. The discussion was in response to Mark Howe's article, Digital bread and wine, anyone?
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